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We Provide The Best Textile Since 2015

PSG Textile is an exclusive manufacturer and exporter of all textile products across the globe spanning Japan, Australia, China, Europe and North America. The founder and Managing director, Mr. Chandrasekar has more than 35 years of experience in Textile industry. Starting his journey as a weaver, he imbibed knowledge and expertise in other production processes. His determination to start his own company led to PSG Textile in 2015.
We are proud to mention that we work with a greater number of artisans and support women empowerment. We are dedicated to creating a profitable, fulfilling, and sustainable income- earning activity for women in rural communities.

We believe in...

Superior Quality

‘Nothing but the best’- Our QC team takes utmost care from yarn procurement to packed goods to ensure high quality is maintained all stages of manufacturing.

Prompt Delivery

We are bustling to deliver your order on time as we are conscious about the significance of time.

Artistic Designs

We give the greatest importance to designing our products to provide our customers with fresh and modern designs, along with our own touch of creativity.

Long Term Customers

‘ A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all’. We strive to be better at our work all the time and satisfy the requirements of our buyers. For this reason, our clients have stayed with us for a long time now.

Employee Welfare

We give the greatest care to our employees’ wellbeing and safety. All our facilities comply with the global safety standards with well ventilated work areas, distinct dining space, resting rooms and well-appointed wash rooms in each floor.


In our facility, we have installed solar panels which provide more than our electricity requirement and the excess power is given to the public government grid. Our employees commute to work by company bus to reduce carbon emissions. Thus, our contribution to a greener and sustainable environment.


Exclusive manufacturer and exporter of all textile products across the globe.

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